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What I believe you, and many here, FAIL to understand, is the POWER that seat holds. No one gave me that seat, I worked HARD, VERY HARD, to get that seat because I wanted to be a National Delegate for Ron Paul.

NO ONE helped me, the committee did NOT want me seated.

That seat represents THOUSANDS of voters in my county. Do you understand? It's why they make us take loyalty to party oaths.

So for me to break with my party, a party I freely joined, a oath I freely took, just because 10 fat men in a back room selected Romney, would be risking my losing that seat, and what GOOD does that do for me, the rEVOLution in the RepubliCAN Party, or the liberty movement?

Now some folks go on about my vote being private.

Two things, One is my ballot is mailed to me with two envelopes, one which I sign my name to, and the other that I put that signed envelope into, and sent to the county clerk's registrar's office.

One woman on my committee, who works as an election inspector, admits she looks at the ballots. So what makes me think she would NOT look, or even search to look, at mine?

The other, and what's most important to me, is I am open and honest. So for me to break with my party, knowing I signed a loyalty oath, and I broke it, I could not sleep.

I will not drop my seat KNOWING all those people in my county supported me KNOWING I was a Ron Paul RepubliCAN. How would that look? Like I'm pretty weak.

And what's more, is that Ron Paul ARMED US WITH THE CONSTITUTION, which we also take a loyalty oath.

You better believe, as I have already disscussed this with other constitutional committee members, WE WILL HOLD THE GOP TO THE LOYALTY OATHS THEY TOOK TO THE CONSTITUTION. The oaths we took to the constitution are FAR more important than to the party.

At least I think so.

In addition, Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate I would vote FOR. I'm not a fan of any other candidate. They are all CRAP. So why would I break my oath for someone who to me is not better than any other?

I have a two year committment to my seat and I fully intend to spend the next two years voting FOR the constitution and NO against anything and everyone that isn't constitutionally sound.

Romney is someone I can hold to the Constitution. ALL Ron Paul Republicans can hold him to the constitution and do to him what Hillary Clinton's committee seats do to Obama. Obama has no one on the committees, that's why he's a liar. he's doing HER agenda.

I will NOT give up the power I have to fight for restoring America to constitutional government, to GJ, who WILL return to the GOP when he's done protecting the GOP from those of us who don't understand how our government keeps us marginalized and out of power.