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First, if you know that someone is breaking the law by looking at how people voted, and especially if she's using that knowledge about how people voted to apply pressure to people like yourself who don't vote the way she thinks is right, wouldn't that be a good thing to try to put a stop to? You talk about the power you have on the committee, but it's not even enough power to enforce a secret ballot in your own precinct?

Second, how do you imagine you're going to hold Romney accountable by being on that committee? First, you're not in a position of power to do anything of the sort. Second, just a week ago Romney shit all over the Revolution by denying Ron Paul the opportunity that Ron Paul *earned* fair and square. If you're going to turn around and help Romney get elected and give him your vote I wonder what you think "holding them accountable" means.

Third, no oath can obligate you to do something *wrong*. I'm sure you signed that oath in good faith, and there was probably a time when it looked like a good idea, but if they're now going to use that oath, and someone who is going to illegally check up on how you vote, to get you to do something *wrong*, it's time to rethink.

Finally: "someone who to me is not better than any other"?

Gary Johnson isn't ideal, but are you going to try to say with a straight face that you don't think Gary Johnson would be a better President than Romney or Obama?

The only thing the RNC fears at this point is losing in November. They've re-written the rules (even though they have proven they have the power to ignore the rules at will) so that the delegate strategy isn't feasible. But even if they hadn't changed those rules, November is all they're looking at right at this moment.

If they win in November, they'll have won by shitting all over the Revolution. No third party is going to win the White House (except in the slim chance that RP runs third party). But if we organize, we can do to Mitt what Nader did to Gore. That's the only way to send them the message that you can't shit on the Revolution and expect to win elections that way.

Maybe the few who have signed their loyalty away are obligated to vote for Mitt. But the vast majority of us are not and voting third-party this November is not in any way in conflict with your "working from the inside" loyalty oath strategy. So why do you and the others who have signed RNC loyalty oaths fight so hard against this strategy? It's not about winning the White House, if RP isn't on the ticket. It's about sending a message to the RNC: you can't shit on the Revolution and expect to get away with it.

Nader the bastards in November. After we hold them accountable for what they did to Ron Paul just one week ago and show them in the only way they'll understand that they can't do that and get away with it, then you can go back to trying to convince people to sign those loyalty oaths and sit on those committees that the ten fat men find so quaintly amusing.