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1. Not by myself

When she informed me that she looked at ballots, I was alone on the committee. Now I am not, and since the Palin people are doing what Ron Paul ASKED ALL of us to do, and taking those seats, that will help me, to expose her, as I will not be alone. Committees take votes of the majority, unless the rules are changed by the fat men, but I am not, and since they never wanted me on the committee, they have made it hard for me, but I am no longer alone, and as you could read, I have not forgotten what she said, nor do I intend to forget, but next election, in Novemeber, I will make an effort to spend more time at her polling station and asking questions, like how many envelopes she opened, and where are those ballots.

2. I am not alone on the committee, and there are many committees that have Ron Paul Republicans who believe exactly like I do. Romney represents corporations who are taking our power away before our eyes. Last meeting, our committee did not rubber stamp the CA GOP recommendations, we voted on them, and the State lost where we saw breaches in the constitution. One committee is not going to stop Romney, but many committees can, just as Hillary's committees stop Obama from his campaign promises.

3. I am doing nothing wrong. I don't like any of the candidates NONE OF THEM.. GJ is not better to me. He's Crap. Disagree with me all you like, he's NOT my guy. Ron Paul is. Ron Paul will not be on my ballot so I am voting FOR what suits ME, and that is Romney for Ron Paul Republicans.

GJ is Obama. GJ is protecting the GOP by dividing Ron Paul republiCAN support. I'm in the GOP because I did what Ron Paul ASKED all of us to do. I DID IT, and it's a two year committment I intend to keep.

As a person who worked for Ralph Nader for three elections, Nader didn't do xhit to Gore. GORE won the election and backed down. Nader's 576 votes did not stop Gore. MSM LIES. I had 10K uncounted votes in the back of my car, as I was a precinct inspector for 8 years in LA County, with hundreds of headlights behind me when I heard on the radio announced that Clinton had won. STOLEN ELECTION! And that is WHY Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Reform Partiers, Peace and Freedomers, Green Party, Socialists Party, Communist Party ALL went Indy, joined Ralph Nader( got 15%) and fought for ballot access and open debates for three elections/ four actually, but many of us turned to Ron Paul. MSM LIED, CHEATED, about Ralph Nader. They censored him and stalked us, broke arms, noses, vandalized our cars and homes, false arrests, and MSM never said a word. NOT ONE WORD.

Trust me, Ron Paul has made this a cake walk by comparison to what we went through, and why WE KNOW, third party and Indy IS NOT THE WAY.

To me, the elections are RIGGED, and unless you get in a MAJOR PARTY and do something to fix it, they will remain rigged. You don't have my back or any Ron Paul RepubliCAN's back. Your vote is for you, and if you think that voting for someone who isn't your ideal is better than backing the people who did what Ron Paul asked all of us to do, BUT NOT YOU, I don't think you have very deep morals to tell me about conscience, after all, you want me to break my loyalty poath for a guy you admit isn't idea. BUT HEY Do what you want. I am.

You can send a message to the RNC by showing up to YOUR local GOP central committee, that puts issues on YOUR ballot and telling them. THAT is the ONLY way you will send them a message because THEY DON"t CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR MESSAGE. They gave us GJ to get YOU out of the way. GO!!!! Do what they want. Vote for GJ. I won't. I'm keeping my seat armed with the constitution and plan to use it.