Comment: Hey Evan, Awesome job with

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Hey Evan, Awesome job with

Hey Evan,

Awesome job with everything and with the conference call. I was on for the entire time.

However, we are squandering our chance by pushing Ron for VEEP. The campaign has stated at least twice, most recently today, that Ron will not be endorsing Johnson. That is all the VEEP spot really is - an endorsement of Johnson. Ron has never endorsed a pro-choice person for POTUS. In fact, since 1976 he has only endorsed 3 people for POTUS. Ronald Reagan. Pat Buchanan. Chuck Baldwin. We should be asking for a total LP shakeup - with Gary following through with his offer to step aside. If Judge Gray and Gary both resign, the LP can give Ron the top spot and Johnson the VEEP.

Two days before your conference call I posted here saying exactly the same thing. A very close friend of mine, who talks to Ron often indicated a third party run was not completely being ruled out.

Sore loser laws do not apply to President. except for very few states. We are voting for electors, not an actual candidate. The biggest challenge is to get the LP to shakeup their ticket before its completely too late. Pushing Ron as VEEP to Johnson is a waste of time, Ron has NEVER, EVER supported a social liberal like Johnson for POTUS. We still have a chance and a very narrow window, but it has to be lobbying for Ron at the top of the ticket. Perhaps the Constitution Party is possible as well, this afterall is who Ron endorsed in 2008.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!