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I agree with you RPRocks, but it's NOT too late~~here's why

I spoke to the Libertarian Party today. The matter is entirely up to Gary Johnson and Ron Paul. In other words, if Gary Johnson decides to graciously relinquish his position as Presidential candidate, then, Ron Paul can have it. I think it goes without saying that if that were to happen, Gary's VP candidate would bow out, too.

Now, will this happen realistically? If Dr. Paul was at all interested, he would be talking to Gary Johnson or would have already. Even if GJ were to do this, Dr. Paul may have told him he needs to think a day on it before making up his mind. A man like Ron always wants to talk to his wife first! :)

Either way, we should know what his plans are by Friday. If GJ gives this up & RP takes the baton, Ron will need to think who he would have for the VP position. Therefore, I think this will take a couple of days, and I'm thinking thatwe should know by Thursday or Friday.

We shall see...

I've already called Ron's office and told them there is only one condition we would support this 3rd party run, and that would be if he were the Presidential candidate. Ron has every right to do this, especially after what happened to all the delegates at the convention in Tampa, and also after the fact they refused to allow him to speak in Tampa or mention his core beliefs about the foreign policy. After all that, Ron really owes the RNC no apology & really should not feel guilty.

The question, then, to himself will be: What can I accomplish between now & then? Is it worth it?

I hope Ron reads this, because I can tell him there are MANY, MANY NON-ACTIVISTS that will definitely vote for him, without question, and my sense is that it will be a much closer race than is anticipated.