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Comment: Listen to Benton.....NOT!

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Listen to Benton.....NOT!

Yeah, because Benton was such a good source of information so far...NOT!

I'm hoping the Good Doctor throws his support to Gary Johnson. Not because Johnson is perfect, or is another Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has these reasons to promote Gary Johnson:
* Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 states, unlike other 3rd party candidates;
* Johnson publicly and consistently promotes Ron Paul and Paul's ideas. Johnson was a strong supporter even back in the 2008 campaign;
* A promotion of Johnson is a direct and public rebuke against the GOP for all the blatant corruption and fraud;
* A promotion of Johnson best sets up the Liberty Movement in 2014 and 2016;

Paul does not need to endorse Johnson, per se. For example, Paul can say something like "I have been offered Secretary of the Treasury position by Gary Johnson, should he win. This is a position I would seriously consider, so I hope everyone takes a look at Johnson and his alignment with the Liberty Movement."

Such a statement would skirt a direct endorsement, yet make it crystal clear who Ron Paul would want as president.

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