Comment: I agree with wolfe and ashleyjean78

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I agree with wolfe and ashleyjean78

Hey wolfe,

I up-voted your post because you were totally within reason to ask for supporting evidences about the conversation with Dr. Paul. I also agree that it is a very emotional time for the movement and I would stress that everyone stops their attacks on people that want some sort of evidence, they are not anti-liberty/anti-Paul. They have a healthy irreverence for baseless assumptions as we all should, or at least we claim to possess, have. That is what separates us from our counterparts, sifting through the lies and propaganda and making an informed decision. That being said, ashleyjean78 is correct also.

I can understand why you may disagree with us "spamming" Dr. Paul for running 3rd party but we are well within our rights to engage in a persistent campaign to convey to Dr. Paul what our intentions are. Until, Dr. Paul himself states that he will not run 3rd party and for us to cease our campaign then, I assume, we will not stop. Persistence is what got us here, persistence is what will get us through, and persistence will triumph! Lol, that last line sounded like propaganda.