Comment: Just Positive Propaganda AGAIN

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Just Positive Propaganda AGAIN

Over the last 2 years we've had a lot of "positive" propaganda in our movement and on the DailyPaul. Sunshine pumping has replaced logic, reason and truth. And it's been very frustrating for me because it's made it difficult to engage in dialogue with Daily Pauler's. It's to the point that if you post something that's something OTHER THAN b.s. sunshine pumping, people actually attack you and respond in anger. I don't remember it always being like this. This latest delusional assertion is that Ron Paul's going to announce a 3rd party run on Leno.

Any evidence of such a thing? Of course not! Maybe we should start tracking people for the rumors they start and their track record. Matt Larson has gotten better but he was the worst. And as an internet marketer I understand some of what's going on. Matt Larson would create sensational headlines in order to get more views to his videos. Why? Because he has Google Ads enabled on his videos. This has helped motivate him to really turn this site more toward sensationalism rather than reality. It really did seem to start with him now that I think about it! But over the last few months I thought he'd even turned down the sensationalism. Hope it hasn't hurt his adsense checks.