Comment: I talk down Rand & Benton to give feedback

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I talk down Rand & Benton to give feedback

But I know Paul is behind them, I just don't know what his plan is and would like more transparency.

All three of them play politics, but the RP brand name needs to keep their feet to the fire. IE, when Campaign for Liberty spent money to fund a neocon's reelection.

If RP wants to say, "We have a deal" and explain himself, okay. But leaving people in the dark over where their hard-earned money is spent (especially when they are lead to believe it won't go towards mass-murder, torture, and bankrupting the USA)...

That's just not acceptable.

And so we as customers and costituents need to be doing our homework and calling out fishy stuff before it stinks anymore--many on the fence democrats and republicans are watching and documenting.

Benton may be a nice guy and fighting hard behind the scenes, but publicly he's RP's unwanted mouthpiece and dealmaker, often out of sync with the liberty movement's values.

IE, everything he's saying may be from backroom talk with RP. That doesn't mean you go in front of reporters and start running your mouth. And that's really how it looks.

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