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1. You're responding to this

1. You're responding to this issue as though it has anything to do with voting (as in the other post) when it doesn't.

2. It's a clear and simple question that I'm asking YOU. is a person that doesn't care to respect someone else's liberty enough to consider the possibility that they may have impeded on that person's liberty when confronted with evidence of it a libertarian?

Do they promote, through example, respect for other's liberty... which you YOURSELF said was a good definition of a libertarian?

Regardless of my own faults (which you might have missed myself apologizing for in the other post), is that not a valid point that shows how each of these types of people end up contradicting their own self-proclaimed libertarianism?

Be humble to the truth regardless of the messenger... no?

Critical Thinking > Emotional Thinking > Pseudo-Intellectuals that Saturate DP
Utilitarianism > Consequentialism > Deontology > Egocentrism
Making people feel "troll'd" with the truth > being an intentional troll > acting like one naturally