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Comment: The wind just shifted to the North and...

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The wind just shifted to the North and...

I can smell YOU all the way up here in North Carolina. {cough, gag, cough cough}. Dark, thick clouds of iconoclastic pollution... arghhh

YOU are causing me distress and threatening my RIGHT TO HEALTH and CLEAN, STINK-FREE AIR. I believe I'm at serious risk of catching "Statist Cancer" (the most dangerous kind) just from whiffing your fumes. Go into your home immediately and SEAL your doors and windows with double-layered (FEMA approved) duct tape to SPARE HUMANITY or we'll all be forced to contact our "Representatives" to initiate legislation to FORCE you to comply. After all, I have a RIGHT TO BE PROTECTED from YOUR offensive behavior, don't I?

Sounds silly huh? Hysterical? Sounds like you.