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Loyalty to citizens, the People, of the United States.

We were sh|t on. Had it been fair and square, I would agree with you.

romney and company deceived American citizens, voters, delegates and silenced our right to speak and object in good faith.

It is legal for a licensed driver to drive their car on the right side of the street. The driver sees a citizen crossing the street up ahead. Instead of slowing down, stopping or beeping the horn, he continues his present speed and runs over and kills the citizen. The driver was licensed. He had valid tags on the car. Should he be pardoned for killing the citizen?

My right to a fair election, my right to vote and elect a delegate, have been stripped from me. My 1st Amendment right to be heard has been run over and killed.

Do you think that romney should be rewarded by you or others "voting" for him? He should be locked up.

You fail to understand Liberty. Liberty is that which does not INFRINGE upon another.

You are a NEOCON. Fact.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul