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What I do not understand...

Gary Johnson is not going to win. All voting for him does, is send a signal to the GOP that people are defecting to lodge protest votes for liberty, because they find the GOP so abhorrent.

If GJ had a real chance of winning, I could see not voting for him if you think abortion is the most important issue. But speaking from a tactical point of view, lodging a protest vote is the best way for fiscal conservatives and small "l" libertarians to make a point to the GOP that they cannot take your vote for granted even if the Dem guy in office is particularly undesirable.

Though maybe the Constitution Party is on the ballot in your state, and voting for them more or less serves the same purpose as a protest vote.

( I dont like write-ins as protest votes, because write ins arent typically counted.. or linked to any particular political stance. I think its important to use a protest vote to send a message. )