Comment: Nader was NOT a spoiler, THAT IS A MSM LIE

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Nader was NOT a spoiler, THAT IS A MSM LIE

Ralph Nader NEVER belonged to any political party.

The Green Party Intl. nominated Nader on 96, he refused to join, that split the party, to GP Intnl and Green Party USA. The Green were at each others throats and they sank when they nominated David Cobb o4 because he was a Green Party member.

Ralph Nader got involved in the election process in 1992 when he saw what happened to Ross Perot. It was a stolen election, as Clinton was named president before the polls closed.

That set off precinct inspectors and poll workers from all over the USA, Socalists, Comunists, Greens, peace and freedom, Reform Party, Libertarian, Constitutionalists, Republicans and Democrats dumped their parties and the Decline to State Party movement was on.

For three (4) elections we worked on ballot access and open debates, we were harrassed, stalked, cars and homes vandalized, false arrests, petitioned destroyed, confiscated, noses and arms were broken, we took multible law suits from multible state who did it to bankrupt us, MSM didn't report anything.

Ron Paul rEVOLution has been a cake walk by comparison, and why Ron Paul decided to not put us in harms way.

Gore won, he could have challanged the Jeb Bush election results and instead, conceeded, letting MSM blame Ralph Nader for 537 votes.

In 1992, I had 10K uncounted votes in the back of my car as I was in line waiting to drop off my locked ballot box when Ton Brokaw announced Clinton won. That is how I can to support and work for Ralph Nader. I have voted for Nader 4 times.

He was not a spoiler, that is a lie. Please see the documentary "Unreasonable Man".