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Think of Treasury Debt just like

one of those "Pay Day Loan" places on the wrong side of town. You (government) carry in the title to a "piece of America" (real physical property, the power to tax future earnings, real dirt, etc.) and the "FED" prints off little pieces of paper (actually computer entries) that say "Dollar" in exchange. If you (government) don't make the payments, the FED comes to collect. If the FED doesn't make its payments, it's owners, the Bank of International Settlements comes calling. After that, things get ugly.

We have a monetary system run by a global mafia. Central Banks (FED, ECB, PBOC) are just bag men- they're not designed to last, only to incur the debt and then fall down. That's why it's too late to "audit the Fed"- the game's already been won.