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No, I am reading the same book. However, you have taken a paragraph out of 6-7 pages and tried to make it look like this is a black and white issue for Ron.

You will get no argument from me that Ron believes this is a better state level issue than federal. However, Ron has consistently supported federal protections. His Sanctity of Life Act applies some federal protections. He voted for the partial birth abortion ban which is a federal protection.

And from the same book that you say I am not reading, taken from the second paragraph on page two....

"It's a giant leap for the federal courts to declare a constitutional right and overrule all state laws regulating the procedure. In anything, the federal government has a responsibility to protect life - not grant permission to destroy it..."

And that is exactly what Ron's bill does. It federally defines life as beginning at the moment of conception. It takes away the ability of any federal court to overturn pro-life legislation, but allows them to retain their authority to uphold it.

Straight from book! Their views are nowhere similar and the philosophy they each use to consider these things are exact opposite. Ron has said his personal relationship with Jesus Christ (FIRST), and his reliance on the Constitution (SECOND)are the basis for every position that he takes.

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