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See I know exactly how he

See I know exactly how he will stand up to Obama, he's going to lie and cheat. Easy. He doesn't care what he did to the delegates, some delegates that actually wanted to vote for him have now changed their mind. Romney doesn't care, because he is going to do what he has been doing this whole election. Election fraud election fraud and then some more election fraud. He doesn't care about you, me, delegates, he only cares about himself. He does not need our votes. just a lot of dead peoples votes. I am amazed at how much I despise this man. In the beginning of the election, I was torn between him and Ron Paul. it didn't take long to see I was leaning towards RP, but I would never have imagined to despise Romney the way I do. To the point where I gotta wonder....who would I rather my president? Romney or Obama? This is scary to me. I have been counting the days to get Obama out of office and now here I am wondering to myself should I just deal with 4 more years of Obama or 8 of Romney? People say Romney is Obama light. I'm not so sure. At least Obama had the sense to lie and make promises and act like he was for the people. Romney can't even do that. Not even for just the length of the campaign. So what does this tell you about his upcoming presidency? When he actually has real power? He isn't even president yet and it is so evident that he cares NOTHING about the people. I don't see him as a potential Obama light...he is the same as Obama, maybe worse. I think we the people are in big trouble.