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Reading ahead

"Why do you test people?"

I read ahead on your reply and I got to the point where you said something that challenged another person, and what you said challenges yourself too, and in that context is the meaning of me testing people.

The meaning of me testing people is like a challenge I ask of myself and I test that same challenge on other people, and the idea is to know better, to petition the human race and see "what were we thinking" while a few guys in suits are buying World War III with our dimes.

Holding ourselves to account for ourselves is a process and the process takes time and effort, it is taxing.

"I still cannot visualize the immobilization unit. Every time I try to think about it, all I can see in my mind is someone trying to hurt me or someone else who is innocent."

Criminals have many weapons right now, so why is one more weapon increasing your fear of criminals?

You have had your brain washed, from birth, to fear everyone else, as if everyone else is as guilty as the worst criminals, and the worst criminals have the brain washing weapon of mass delusion.

Remember this (please):

Television is almost the perfect Mass Media tool for Dictators.

I ran across this:

Look at the Chart on that page, you don't have to read (but the text is instructive), to gain the understanding of how ONE WAY communication works best, such as Television.

The Internet is very bad for Dictator's compared to Television because each person can connect to each other person and equitable transfers of data, such as a discussion, are possible with The Internet, and only Dictatorial Commands are possible with Television as information goes ONE WAY - counterfeit discussions are more the rule and less the exception on Television.

Legal Criminals may ask counterfeit questions:
"How can we win all our wars better?"

An entire separate apparatus is required in order to get feedback concerning what is disseminated through television, such as focus groups, and polls, and an entire Rating Industry, because Television is ONE WAY communication, like One Way Radio.

Seriously though, please consider a test, think about the POWER of being able to reach the most people at once, and do so for a few minutes, like a Commercial during The Super Bowl, and in those few minutes you can subject very many people all at once.

Is that POWER?

Why can't I record the Super Bowl LIVE and broadcast it on The Internet LIVE and in place of all the Commercials I put Liberty advertizements, or no true advertizements or no false ones?

Technology is now reaching a point where it doesn't take a Chinese Communist Government POWER to steal Television audiences from the Major Media Companies who have the exclusive license to subject all those Americans who have grown up attached to their television screens.

Subject them to what?

Subject television audiences to what, exactly?

Subject the subjects to subjection, as a rule, not an exception?

Someone (not some thing) has the POWER to subject all those Americans to false advertizements produced by Limited Liability Corporations?

That is changing now. Now the new generation is finding ways to OPT OUT of the Commercials. "Commercial" television is being replaced as people figure out how to OPT OUT.

It is a battle.

Press the button, and you can skip "Commercialization" of our mediums of exchange?

What is meant by the word "ours"?

Which script are you reading from, when you use words like "our"?

When I use the word "our" (our mediums of exchange) it is my intention to specifically name every Friend of Liberty and it my intention to specifically leave out every Friend of Legal Crime.

How do I know who is on which list, and do I care enough to find out?

Anyone who would have a defensive weapon (such as a lie, a pointed stick, a gun, or an immobilizing device) as a means by which they would take anything from someone else, is a criminal - were the victim is innocent and the criminal is subjecting the innocent to harm against the victim's knowledge or consent, and this "fine print" is meant to separate what happens between criminals who commit crimes for each other, as part of a cycle of inanity such as The Business Psycho, from, from, from, separate the bad ones from the good ones, what happens when bad people harm innocent people, such as babies, and children, who would not naturally resort to deceit, as a means of surviving, and would not naturally resort to threats of violence as a means of surviving by taking from the innocent (or the guilty), and these innocent natural human beings would not resort to killing each other to survive at the expense of each other.

The word "innocent" is in the fine print for good reason.

If "we" are actually surrounding each other, each of us are criminals, then I want to know, and so far I think the data suggests otherwise.

Why do I test people? To know better.

If I had the power to take all weapons from everyone the criminals would still find ways to claw their victim's eyes out, so what explains the fact that so many people just so happen to be traveling along in life without resorting to clawing each others eyes out - literally?

We act like we might all begin to claw each others eyes out any moment, because that is what is written in the scripts we are subjected to since birth?

"The deception runs deep so much so I cannot even see where I am deceived. But that does not make me a foe."

Here is where I see things in our future developing into something along the lines of a Civil War but this time it may be much less violent. Consider, for example, a reawakening of the POWER of Trial by Jury known by enough people, whereby these Jurors begin to set each other free from National Income Tax - for ONE example of a Battle Front in the New Civil War (this time it may actually be Civil).

I would be on the side of the Grey Uniforms, and half of my brothers may be on the side of the Blue Uniforms. If one of us is being accused of failing to pay Union Dues, because we prefer a Confederated Government compared to a Consolidated Government, then I, being on a Jury, would acquit the Tax Evader, and set him free, while half of my brothers would try to get the Tax Evader Punished Severely, to make an example out of the Tax Evader, so as to put the Fear of God into any other Tax Evaders who may try to get away with failing to pay their Union Dues.

My tests, my Litmus Tests, intend to keep me on the right side in the Civil War, which may be much less violent than that last one, but then again who knows the official score?

Legal Criminals versus Victims?

Who knows the official score?

When is it a good time to know the official score?

"Just because people cannot all understand your view of the immobilization device does not make us foes IMO."

Same thing:

I place myself on a Jury, and the accused is accused of having an Immobilizing Defensive Weapon purchased "unlawfully", without license, without paying the fee, without the "background check" that only applies to the innocent since criminals know how to get any weapon anytime (fast and furious), so the accused failed in paying the "market price" which is jacked up because of the enforced scarcity of the defensive weapon, and my brothers want to make an example out of the person who illegally obtained defensive POWER, who IS in this case a little old lady who was "caught" immobilizing a gang of criminals for 1 hour, instead of allowing the criminals to do what criminals do best.


Poor, poor, poor criminals, detained for an hour, and my brothers fail to notice that the criminals who were assaulting the evil old lady were wearing federal badges, or is that why my brothers are so eager to make an example out of the little old lady?

So...I set that little old lady free, and I'm just 1 in 12.

Who makes an example of the little old lady who used (or is charged only with obtaining) one of those defensive weapons that somehow become scarce for the victims while the criminals get any weapon they prefer to use on their victims?

"But that did not make me a foe did it?"

A study of the Civil War that happened in the mid 19th century, here in America, may be worth something along these lines. Demarcation lines are drawn, and there is plenty of warning, for those who care to look, and the whole dirty business can be avoided, if the clash is seen in time.

By the way, the Waco Massacre was claimed to be the enforcement of a tax on defensive weapons.

"See my beloved country [I am not sure if I am allowed to use the word] in jeopardy and I cannot free it?"

Please see how my viewpoint measures the above subject which is in view differently.

I rewrite the sentence:

See my beloved Friends of Liberty who live in this place (country), all those people on this list of people, each one a measurable, known, Friend of Liberty, in thought, and in deed, and I will say so, because that is how Liberty works, honest, accurate, out in the open, with nothing to hide, and no one to hide from, not even our selves, and I will help free us from Friends of Legal Crime, as I find ways to do so, specifically in ways that help us find each other, and help us avoid those who are planning on taking our Liberty from us, by knowing better who is friend and who is foe in accurately measurable ways such as Litmus Tests.

If you go to a meeting, of some government of some kind, other than your own family, other than a recreational school function, will you have the POWER to discover the Friends of Liberty, and help them, and will you be able to discover the Friends of Legal Crime, and will the Friends of Liberty be able to avoid those criminals who claim that their crimes are legal?

You don't have to disarm the Friends of Legal Crime, their power is taken from you, just keep your power, and those Friends of Legal Crime have to look elsewhere to steal the power they gain at the expense of the victims.

If all the Friends of Liberty stop being victims, what happens?

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." Henry Ford

"Don’t make me feel like I am being backed me into a corner by telling me I foam at the mouth or see red."

I step over the line too much, and I can see where your help in this is very valuable. Thanks.

"I want you to tell me the answer to my question without judging me."

Much of the time I am speaking to Falsehood, and where falsehood is in my mind, or your mind, it ought to be identified, and it ought to be judged, and once that process is done, what will be the decision concerning any particular accurate measure of falsehood?

Avoid it?

How can anyone avoid something that is not known, at all, let alone known better?

"He says communism was not even a word until Marx invented it."

Jumping ahead:

'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
And for that name which is no part of thee
Take all myself.

Alexander I. Solzhenitsyn may be right about Art being more powerful than falsehood and violence.

Communism like Nazism (Fascism) is Legal Crime, but there are counterfeit versions of Legal Crime too (bad things are counterfeited as well as good things being counterfeited):

Sure, Communism started as Legal Crime, on purpose, so the Counterfeit version would be good; like a child going house to house looking for candy with a Devil suit on during Halloween: the child is a very poor counterfeit version of the Devil.

Communists rejected socialism, and I've shown you the official record on that already, but this is all diversion to me, because the name used is always a False Front when it is crime.

The criminals don't say: Legal Crime Central, come get your injury, we will take all we can take, step up, one and all.

They don't dress up in ways that make them look horrible, dastardly, evil, terrifying, rat like, roach like, vermin like, snake like, deadly, fearful, smelly, revolting, disguising, unwelcome, unappetizing, unattractive, and hateful, and it takes taxing effort to realize that their actions uncover their true colors, not their garb, and not their make-up, and not their sweet sounding words.

"It didn’t work one bit. He says communism was not even a word until Marx invented it. Is that true?"

I think that Jeff is right, which is familiar already. I like the guy, but his plate is full, and his best work is playing with the kids, so he may not be able to offer much in the way of empowering you with defensive political power where you may be working to know better as to which people are Friends of Liberty and which ones are Friends of Legal Crime, and that is where my advice is to say to you that you may be The Better Half in that sphere of influence and there may be times when you had better have your ducks in a row, because there may be a battle between you and Jeff where you had better win, because Jeff may not be prepared as well as you in making the right choice at that specific time.

That is a warning I offer twice now.

Other warnings include being prepared for more of the same attacks upon your soul concerning how you may react to the PEOPLE you uncover as their true colors become more obvious to you, as your sense of right and wrong is attacked with extreme examples of evil in human form.

It is a fine thing for someone to be naturally born with a high state of awareness, a POWER, to judge another person's true character, but what if they are wrong? What if you, for whatever reason, earned, or just handed to you, you find yourself in a situation where your POWER to know better, concerning someone connecting to your family is SCREAMING FOUL, and no one else can see the danger?

Literally picking yourself up from near death, needing, and somehow being given, help, is cause for care in many taxing ways. I get that, and I can sympathize, but I can't empathize enough to help: you will be your best asset or your worst enemy as far as my understanding, my POWER to know better, is concerned.

I'm not saying that very bad things will happen, and you had better know better, and you had better not rely upon anyone else, that may not ever happen, but anyone currently looking around at what IS happening in our world has to begin to question authority some, and then some more, and that process may be more vital in the near future than it may first appear at this time.

The power of knowing better is scarce, it seems, and in low demand, for some reason, but that is cause for more care, not less.

"He even told me that Australia was socialist country."

Challenging Jeff on the meaning of specific words may be worth doing in the right time and places, perhaps not an all out frontal assault.

This country (actually this political/economic system) is as, or more, socialist compared to Australia, but a more accurate word might be fascist. If you do get along in the crusade to hold your local government accountable and you do find the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports then you will have something to ask Jeff concerning the definitions of words such as Socialist, Fascist, and Capitalist.

What is the word for having two sets of books?

If you find two sets of books, where one set of books is the accurate accounting of exactly how much surplus wealth has accumulated in the Fund, and it is a much larger number than the number on the second set of books, the Budget, For Public Consumption, then the accurate word for that is FRAUD, not socialism, not fascism, not communism, not capitalism, not government, not law, the accurate word is FRAUD.

They tell the tax payers that "we are broke" so that the tax payers will keep working harder to pay more taxes, and that is a lie, when the other set of books record the accurate fact that "they" are not broke, they are very well off, and they commit that FRAUD, so as to keep the money flowing to their advantage, at the expense of the victims they target for FRAUD.

If you are studying this society stuff (politics, economics, and spirituality combined) and it sounds better to call what you are doing sociology, not socialism, then drop the non-competitive name.

You wouldn't show up to a Black Panthers meeting in a Klu Klux Klan outfit.

What's in a name?

A more competitive name, if you want to be accurate, is the name that communicates the accurate message better.

A more competitive name, if you want to deceive, is the name that communicates the false message better.

"How do you know the book even exists? I have tried looking for it for you but I cannot find it either. Do you know what the cover will looks like? What year do you think it was written? Have you tried the Library of Congress?"

I have seen, but I have not yet bookmarked, or saved, at least two references to The History of Socialism by Stephen Pearl Andrews. I did not check the Library of Congress.

"Yes, I see your point, but are there any voluntary socialists around that are practicing voluntary socialism together?"

A study of Venezuela may uncover a lot of people who are gaining individual power under a socialist government that is not as voluntary as is humanly possible, but compared to what? They are going in a direction relative to where they were going as an aggregate measure of standard of living and cost of living.

Individuals are now in schools learning math, science, and other useful things (probably being subjected to political falsehoods too), water is cleaning up, life is getting better, the costs are going down, and the Revolution was competitive in nature, getting free from worse, and moving toward better?

Compared to what?

Our water, here in Barstow, is poisoned, and the "government" is white washing the increase in water prices being paid by the many consumers of "our" water to the few people who allowed the water to be poisoned.

If Venezuela, as an aggregate measure of quality of life and cost of life is going up, while in America the aggregate measure of the quality of life and cost of life is flat or going down, then does it matter what names are used on the Government Stationary?

What is being done to increase the power of the individuals to a level at which the individuals are then able to defend against crimes committed against them by anyone, with or without badges?

End the FED
End the IRS
No more torture and mass murder for fun and profit exported

If we Friends of Liberty work in those specific directions we don't work toward socialism, as defined by Jeff, or as defined by Ron Paul, we work to move POWER, and the POWER we work to move is POWER made by individuals as individuals no longer send their earnings to Legal Criminals. When that POWER stops flowing that way, the individuals are thereby made more POWERFUL, because they keep the POWER they earn, instead of sending their POWER to provide the means by which we suffer.

Arguing over the meaning of the word socialism is an exercise in academia?

"I mean is there a group of voluntary socialists somewhere that one can join?"

My dad advised us kids against joining things. I think the dues tend to be exorbitant.

What are the current Union Dues?

"I did not understand what you are trying to tell me. I remember you explaining a rose by another name, but I cannot remember what you said or what it means."

The story by Shakespeare had to do with (I'm not sure about this) two rival families and a couple forming: one female and one male from each group. The female wanted the male to drop his name, because the name did not accurately communicate the value of the thing (lover) being named.

"I will have to look up my recipe and surprise them."


"I am not smart enough to know the difference between truth and deception. The only thing I know as reliable truth is every word in the 66 books called the Holy Scriptures in the Bible, the Word of God."

Added to the fact that God has spoken, and therefore the Word is very POWERFUL (so long as it is interpreted accurately), added to that, is the concept of a Standard of Value, by which all other words can be compared, competitively, for validity, usefulness, efficiency, and other measures of value.

When in doubt open The Good Book and compare what may be false with what is true? A Standard of Value in Judging Truth from Counterfeiters?

Any other information, from anyone, in or out of "government", can be compared to the Standard of Value, and that isn't academic exercising.

That is POWER.

What power?

Is it the power to know better or not?

"I see the formation of a moral and civil society (aka free society) as an exercise in applied human psychology and the recognition that *no one* can be trusted with power. And thus no one should ever have power to exercise over others."

Is there contradiction or misunderstanding concerning the accurate discrimination between Defensive and Offensive POWER?

Does GregP give up on Liberty by claiming that crime will flourish no matter what, so the least worst way to deal with crime is to make crime legal, and to give badges to people at random, and then criminals with badges will be less powerful?

I think that GregP, based upon those words, is fooled into believing the lie told by so many criminals, with or without badges, whereby Men are Bad, and it takes this or that recipe to be less evil, since Men are Evil - without exception.

I don't buy into that lie, because it is a lie, so I would LOVE to challenge GregP on those points of view.

Perhaps I could know better as well as GregP knowing better at the same time, in an equitable discussion, were such a thing to flourish?

"I can accept that within a species survival of the fittest can cause changes to that species, but I do not accept the notion that a species will evolve into another species. I believe God created the heavens in the earth in 6 days as stated in Genesis and that each “kind” brings forth its own “kind” as God set forth as the pattern in Genesis."

I may be able to find the links that report the division between Charles Darwin's work and the Counterfeit version, which was specific, where there was a person named who was recorded as having twisted the work done by Charles Darwin so as to misdirect people who may be affected by the work done by Charles Darwin. This is a distraction, but it has relevance to the topic, since the work done by the Counterfeiters was work done to support the Lie that Men are Bad, and to support the Lie that Might makes Right.

Darwin's work supports the concept that Right, such as God's Word, is Right, not that Might makes Right, and that can easily be understood.

Two people cooperating, a man and woman, loving each other, is the POWERFUL stuff that perpetuates LIFE on Earth. If Might makes Right, then Man rapes Women, to bear children to eat, and how long will that behavior go in keeping Life going?

Which "theory" makes more sense:

Do unto others as you would have them do onto you.

Take from others before others can take from you.

Darwin's work supports the former.

Counterfeit Darwin's work supports the LIE.

“But perhaps sufficient numbers of people will, and that is the need for self-government.”

So then add the word “self” and I still ask, by what rules is one to rule one’s self by?

What is the Standard of Value?


"So my non violent drug offender argument did not work well because I don’t have the answers to the counterpoints worked out."

At this point I suggest a new topic on that subject alone, and I can convey something I learned a long time ago concerning Libertarian Dogma.

Libertarian Dogma, as soon as I started to hear it, was missing the Falsehood Warnings, and that Libertarian Dogma was forging ahead with ONLY WARNINGS OF VIOLENCE.

I went to Libertarian Party Meetings, and what I found was mislead, misguided, misinformed, and counter-productive people who where Championing a Non-Aggressive Principle MISSING the POWER OF FALSEHOOD almost entirely as if they felt the need to cover up their own lies, for some strange reason.

Lies are bad, sure, but I can't sell my crap at the price I want if I don't lie about the crap I sell?

Everyone will secure their own requirements as completely as possible to the exclusion of all others, and there is no wealth without scarcity?

Scarcity of truth?

So drug abuse has to be followed right to the person profiting at the expense of the victims and that trail leads right back to The FED, the IRS, and those misguided Troops, since the Drug Trade is heavily subsidized, and the flow of power is again flowing from National Tax payers, through the IRS, and through the ONE LEGAL MONEY DEMANDED, Federal Reserve Notes, flowing to Troops with CIA badges, and other badges, as Drugs are made in places like Afghanistan, and shipments are imported to places like Mena Arkansas, guns are shipped too, since those Drugs are now very, very, very scarce, and very, very, very profitable, as more and more victims are made into victims, and the whole thing works so well for those few, who have names, who live on Earth, and the victims are led to believe that they are "in the club" too.

Skeptics can claim "Conspiracy Theorist" all they want, but they are deceiving themselves, and those people deceiving themselves can claim that the Fearless Leaders are doing their best to solve these problems, and those who are deceiving themselves can claim, as if falsehood itself was a drug, that someone would have blown the whistle by now, if a Conspiracy did exist, but that is all LIES.

Oliver North and Iran Contra blew the whistle, who listened?

How about this guy:

You get what you pay for?

"No I don’t understand the Jelly Bean Jar. I am not seeing red though, so can you explain that Peer Pressure Power more to me."

Peer Pressure are two words in English that are significant on their FACE, since peer is a word that conveys a relationship between individuals and groups, and Pressure is a measure of POWER.

A quick answer here can be an experiment that you can do in your mind, or you can do in actual reality.

Walk alone with your arms held straight up in the air.

You walk alone anywhere, just so long as you are alone, no one else can see you walking with your arms held straight up in the air.

Note how you feel when you are walking along, for one minute, with your hands held straight up in the air - alone - noting how you feel.

That is a Standard of Measure that you now have as you note how you feel when you are alone walking along for 1 minute with your hands held straight up in the air.

Now go to a busy Shopping Mall and walk along with your hands held straight up in the air for one minute and note how you feel.

You feel (fill in the blank) alone.
You feel (fill in the blank) in a crowd.

Is there any difference in 1 and 2 above?

A person who is a clinical Narcissist may not feel anything different between 1 and 2 unless someone communicates with the clinical Narcissist during the walk through the Mall.

How do you feel alone compared to how you feel in a group, not counting any looks you may get from other people, the idea is to know the internal POWER you have inside you as you are aware of other people around you.

Do the test blind folded and with ear plugs, don't walk, just stretch your arms straight up, as if you are tickling the feet of God?

Does that convey a sense of Peer Pressure to you?

“3.End Criminal War (profits)”

Hmm, those are different words from brining the troops home. More accurate?

Troops are not JUST the socialist military group, there are now many Private Armies (Blackwater/Gestapo), Secret Service (SS), CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, FEMA, or are those Fascist troops too?

Public or Private?


"So anyone not obeying must fly below the radar in order not to be destroyed?"

I think that this viewpoint can be answered with a concept I call Shark Bite Insurance. If you never go near the Ocean, where the Sharks swim, do you need an Insurance Policy that covers injury by Sharks?

What if all us human beings, at once, demanded an accurate accounting of exactly how much we each need to pay if we want Insurance against injury by man upon man?

What, for example, is an accurate accounting of the need to pay into a Insurance Policy if the person seeking an insurance policy, of higher quality and lower cost, wants to insure against injury by another human being?

How about Terrorism Insurance?

How many Terrorists are hiding under every bed, and therefore our fair share of Terrorist Insurance is X per month, so as to be covered with Y per incident of Terrorism?

"So anyone not obeying must fly below the radar in order not to be destroyed?"

There are so few really evil Legal Criminals that they have a whole lot of work to do, in trying to punish everyone who breaks every law that Legal Criminals write, where PUNISHMENT is demanded, without exception, UPON every person breaking every law that the Legal Criminals say is against their LAW.

Not God's law.

How many volumes of Laws exist in U.S.A. Inc. (LLC)?

You need to obey every law all the time or hide from the Peace Officers when, and where, you fail to obey every law on every law book?

Falsehood grows exponentially among the liars.

That is a condition known as the Law of Diminishing Returns.

There is no way, after reaching a certain level of LIES, that anyone can be alive and NOT be breaking a million laws each second.

“American is being Busted.”

Let me ask you your opinion on this thought I had today. Maybe we should allow that bust to hurry up and happen, or make it happen. Maybe then we would be rid of the criminals more quickly. Maybe we should help them move to China? Can we beat them at their game by trumping it? Is there any way to do that other than the 3 points: End the Fed/IRS/War for Profit? OK so the Jesuits in your opinion are doing the booming and busting of the 3 farms? If we were in control of the BUST maybe it would not bust everyone to smithereens.

Who has the POWER to allow or not allow America to be Busted or Boomed?

We may be reaching a Window of Opportunity at which time The Friends of Liberty are Strongest relative to the The Friends of Legal Crime, as if repeating that time period just before The Revolutionary War, or that time period just before The Civil War, or that time period just before The Roaring 20s (which began The Great Depression/World War I/World War II part of The Business Cycle), and instead of volunteering to go to war this time, we use our PEAK POWER POINT relative to the PEAK WEAKNESS POINT of Legal Crime to our advantage?

Is that what you are asking?

I think we should, definitely, use This Window of Opportunity, to usher in our own new Liberty Day and we aught to set the date at which we will accomplish the task of Opting Out.

They can have their crash to their Black Heart's Content, while we do other things instead?

I may have lost my place in this response, so I am skipping ahead at parts of your last response that are looking very familiar.

I may have failed to send a lot of text concerning the concept of fighting Goliath as I can't find much of what I wrote earlier on that subject, which can be one of those BREAKS to do other things, without hitting the send button (or without cutting and pasting before hitting the send button).

You may not be the right person to slay Goliath, but you may be the right person to do so, and how can you know?

"I…a Pastor’s wife… said “Jesus isn’t coming back.”"

I get the point where words spoken may be relevant only within the Context of a discussion, and so the words are not meant to be stand alone words, true on their FACE VALUE. It is important to consider your word choices better when someone may want to use your words against you.

How many ways can you make your position weaker?

"I…a Pastor’s wife… said “Jesus isn’t coming back.”"

Did you hand someone all the ammunition they could ever need to attack you, and if so were you setting a trap, or is the concept of fighting with words foreign, not applicable, in this example of a discussion among friends?

"So the person is guilty without trial? It sounds to me a little like the president’s drone meetings deciding who would die next. I think the whole thing is messy. I do not think money should be involved in any way with causing the death of an individual. Do you like his idea?"


Jim Bell was pointing the finger at Legal Crime, in my opinion, like so many other people who blow the whistle on the bad things done under the color of law. Assassination Politics IS Legal Crime, that is what they are doing right now, and Jim Bell merely shows how Legal Criminals could be more Direct, and how Legal Criminals can expand the scope of the franchise. Come one, come all, gather round, and let us all partake in Legal Crime?

The Opposite of Assassination Politics, which can be a method of countering Legal Crime, would be a competition among Insurance Providers who sell "Benefits" in case of injury by person upon person.

I call it Despotism Insurance.

How much is the accurate premium payment for a high quality benefit in case of injury by "terrorist" or average robber, or IRS agent?

Many competitive polices offered and many customers choosing the lowest cost for the highest benefit, and so, reasonably, because we are speaking about math now, what is the price for government per person for any specific benefit purchased?

Assassination Politics (Another form of Legal Crime)

Anti-Despotism Insurance Competition (not against the "law")

One is welcomed by the criminals, the other welcomed by the former victims.

One is not voluntary from a victims viewpoint, the other is voluntary from a former victims viewpoint.

"What happens when you cannot pay back that Lender of Last Resort?"

It was said once or twice that there are no Debtors Prisons in The Land of the Free, but that is now an well worn lie?

"Do you have any sources saying Hamilton was an English spy?"

Hamilton confessed in word and deed that his preference was for Consolidated Government modeled after the British System, so what is the opposite?

Patrick Henry explaining how Holland and Switzerland works?

The French, as it turned out, tried a Revolution of their own, inspired by the American Revolution, and things went sour even sooner than our own example where The Revolution ended in 1788, and where the Consolidated Government Agents WON?

America had the time period between 1776 and 1788, which is a span of 12 years, whereby Liberty was winning against Legal Crime, in measurable ways, and then Legal Crime Agents took back the battle field.

The Enemies of Liberty seized power internally after the Red Coats were driven out, by the Blue coats (French and American Armies), and how soon, once in Power, did the Turn Coats begin acting exactly like their Red Coat predecessors?

How about The Whiskey Rebellion?

How about the Alien and Sedition Acts?

What happened with the Jay Treaty?

"Did the French get stiffed?"

The French Revolution didn't go the same way as the American Revolution, not for 12 years of Competitive Liberty, it was an entirely different story in France, and there is much to that story that I would like to uncover, but time is so precious, these days, I may not get to that study.

"Did the American people know that Hamilton was going to stiff the French? Was there a plan to stiff the French from the beginning when the revolutionists accepted the loan from the French? Did the French want something else as payback? Something like allegiance or perhaps some other inconvenient attachment?"

See how inadequate it is to claim that some ONE speaks for The French, as if The French were ONE PERSON?

Who financed Neapolitan Bonaparte?

Was that example a Puppet gone Rouge? Would that be a familiar story line?


"This year I actually feel good and have sufficient energy."

Energy is interesting. It is said that Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. I prefer to use the English word POWER, and it is interesting because Energy can be converted to Power in reality and in measuring reality, so what is the difference between Energy and Power?