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I just read it. I have read

I just read it. I have read before that they are actually trying to keep Obama in power. I go back and forth on this idea, I can see it and on the other hand I can't see it...I'm pretty sure those republicans want their power back. I think they are just to egotistical to let a democrat run the country. On the other hand, truth be told, they really are the same. Maybe they are finding that they are personally gaining so much with Obama anyway that the republican presidency is actually something they just don't need anymore. But on the other hand, Romney will probably do the same for all of them. See, I go back and forth. I geuss the only thing I can say for sure is that I can't say that I disagree...
I knew about the rule changes before. That is one of the things that confirms to me all the more that Romney doesn't care about anything but himself. he is not a man trying to win the votes of the people, cause he knows he doesn't need our vote. he's just going to take what he wants by cheating. The people, when they had the chance at the convetion, not enough of them fought for what they should have fought for and lost I beleive rule 12. That states Romney can change the rules when he's just insane. Why would anyone agree to this? i just don't get it. It's like basic 101, go back to when you were umm like 5 years old?? You say to your friends...lets play cards, but first you need to know I get to change the rules whenever I want, when we play in my house. That child would soon find that freinds wouldn't come to play anymore. So Romney is like a large child that has a lot of money and if he doesn't win he will stomp his feet and pout and cry until he gets his way.