Comment: Rothbard assumes rights out

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Rothbard assumes rights out

Rothbard assumes rights out of thin air. He starts with a presupposition of an absolute right, then makes an intellectual argument based on what is a blind faith presupposition.

The language is a bit suspect as well. We have a developing fetus, doing what is in its nature to do - and, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the mother's body doing what is in it's nature to do. The relationship is not equally symbiotic, to be sure. But to call the unborn a "parasitic invader" is to make the child a criminal worthy of death, apart from any malice or cognition of wrong doing. The language itself is over the top and labors too hard to make the point. It reminds me of the old story of the pastor's sermon. In the margins he wrote, "Point weak, shout louder here."

If I find a deaf mute, retarded stranger lost in my home, I would not call him a parasitic invader, much less kill him for sticking around too long. And if I did, many of the same folks who want abortion on demand, would be demanding my head on a stick.