Comment: We all learn and grow.

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We all learn and grow.

Granger, though I believe that some of your thinking is really flawed, know that I have grown to become fond of you. Otherwise I would not respond to your posts.

The reality is this:

We are not going to change things in days or weeks. DO keep your seat and do what you feel is best. In time, you may become stronger, and over time command enough respect that others will follow and listen. This is not an insult, everyday I learn something new about myself.

Many are at a point where we need to re-evaluate things, me included. At some point, we will know where we need to be. Meantime, we will continue to spread the message of Liberty, and hopefully practice what we preach along the way.

I do honestly commend you on your oath to loyalty. The part that I disagree with is where your loyalties fall. But that is not for me to decide - only you know where you are at and where it will lead :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul