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Well OK Thank you

My loyalty is to myself; I freely signed that oath to get a seat; got the seat, and what a huge dissappointment the RNC was,, forcing Romney on us.. That's NOT what I wanted, but that's no reason to quit, because that's what they want us to do.

So I can't allow myself to be manipulated.

The good news is, by keeping that seat, I am armed with the constitution and I will hold them to the loyalty oath they took to the constitution. No one is holding Obama to that, and while Ron Paul I wouldn't have to, I'd rather be able to be a cog holding Romney to the constitution than no one holding Obama.

Getting Obama out is very important, and it's being lost here as people are promoting GJ, who isn't going to win, but will give Obama another 4 years.

So I think the flawed thinking comes in short term gratification rather than the big picture.. which goes to the next election, and the argument becomes 8 years Romney vs 4 more years Obama. 8 years of Romney being held to the constitution can make great changes we will not get with 4 more years of a rush to global government.

I think because the committee seats are something so many people don't understand they under estimate the power. Even we they see that it took 10 fat men behind the curtain at a convention, which delegates represent committees.. if it wasn't for 10 fat men who voted to keep their jobs, Ron Paul would have won. That's the power of the committees, and we need to remove those 10 fat men, which we can do better under Romney.

It's like when Ron Paul says things like being appointed chair to the EPA so he can close the office.

I'm very open about where I am at, and I think most know, even if they don't agree. I see those down votes as marks of success. I must be doing something right, because one does not get detrators not making any difference, eh?