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Excellant Answer

What some people call 'Socialism' is just simple basic accountability for the criminal class, and the crooked Cooperations that have raped and paraylzed this wretched Country.

But all the wealth has been systematically concentrated into the hands of the top 1%-2% in this Country deliberately, by the Federal Reserve Monopoly, by the War Establishment, by the Cartels, by the Mulitnational Corporations, and by the Rockefeller-Rothschild Think Tanks. So it is not 'Socialism' to try and break that vicious cycle, by making a badly overdue alteration to the Tax Code, or holding Corporations to some set of basic rules.

And it is not Socialism to have protections for the workers, or have a simple program like Social Security to keep millions of people from poverty, and starvation (since very few people are rich enough to survive for many years....merely on savings from their paychecks). Even Ron Paul admitted, that he collects his Social Security check.

But all the real "hand outs" in this Country are the things which are done for the benefit of the Corporations, like Wars, outsourcing our Jobs overseas, tax shelters, and the crooked Financial system (Wall Street). Can you say Halliburton? Can you say Exxon-Mobil? (which makes of 300 Billion in profits, and Pays zero Taxes).

Dr. Jill Stein is similiar on the issues to Dennis Kucinich (an honest man). She would be a better President for the working class in this Country than either Mitt Romney, Obama, Rand Paul, or even Ron Paul (who refused to even try to fight Mitt Romney, once he got a one-on-one contest).

The fact that most Americans are too stupid to even recognize that is the reason why what's left of the 'middle-class', the poor and the afflicted in this Country will always continue to be willful victims, have an increasingly lower standard of living, and the Elites will always pirate away their livelyhoods like prey.

Oh but we all have our little shiny iPhones and iPads don't we....

It's a Dumb Country, folks.