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I agree with you

Republicans are always going after the small potatoes to distract people from what they are really doing. The biggest welfare recipients are the banks and corporations. So lets go after the little guy. It is the same with the Republicans trying to avoid voter fraud when the real problem is their own election fraud.

I do agree with the fact that Libertarians don't support any type of redistribution. However, most here are Republicans it seems.

Still, we need to turn this ship around and get the power back to the people. End the fed, End the wars. Get out of Debt. And that just might mean making coalitions with others who don't necessarily agree with every last thing on. People forget that Presidents can't just do everything by themselves. I am all for getting all the 3rd parties together to support one ticket to run against these guys. It is too late for that though. Too bad. If they could somehow pull off some states then they can get their electors to make a deal. But that isn't likely either.