Comment: 1. Ron Paul (Champion of

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1. Ron Paul (Champion of

1. Ron Paul (Champion of Individual Liberty)
2. RP Delegates (Patriots) Thank you!
3. Gary Johnson (Current voice of sanity)
4. Rand Paul (Trojan Horse)
5. Dailypaul (Grassroots news)
6. Judge Napolitano (Constitution defender)
7. Peter Schiff (Economic purest)
8. Ben Swann (The mass informer)
9. Justin Amash (The next RP)
10. Doug Wead (The grassroots informer)

Honorable mention: Jerry Doyle, Tom Woods, John Stossel, Tom Davis, Jesse Ventura, Jim Rogers, Jim Grant, Jim Grey, Lee Wrights.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin