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Pregnancy is not

always the result of human choice, at least on the mothers part. Rape is a tool of control, a weapon in war and used in prisons to control and punish. Abortion is an aggression against a dependent living human, just as human as an elderly advanced Alheimers victim. However, the decision to abort a pregnancy is essentially a decision to sin or not, commit an immoral act. Legislating away peoples choice of whether to sin or not does not work. The rich/politically connected will get abortions, use illegal drugs, kill, steal, etc. all with impunity. When the state is used to control the peoples choice to sin or not, only the poor and powerless are bound by the laws. The focus should not be on what "we" are going to allow other people to choose to do, living by the sword of government aggression, but on minding our own affairs and supporting moral choices peacefully.