Comment: Any opinion that is different from someone else's opinion

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Any opinion that is different from someone else's opinion

is an opposing opinion. You yourself are opposing others opinions in your post above. So it is inevitable that if we disagree and wish to express our opinions that we will oppose each other. So it isn't a matter of whether we should disagree or not, but how to judge the disagreement. I prefer the tools of rationality, logic and reasoning and these all point to a.) accepting that Ron Paul's run for President is over and b.) finding a way to turn the momentum and popularity for liberty that his campaign has generated into an effective strategy.
You interfere with both of those things.

For me, the most logical course and the one with the best chance of working is for all of us to support the Libertarian candidates and vote for Gary Johnson. I am open to other ideas, but quixotic quests to get RP to run third party against his own stated desires is not one of them. I will not support the GOP or the Democrat Party.

Free and Brave
or Cradle to Grave
You can't have both