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'Liberty Brings Us Together ...

... it should never be divisive ..." , or words to that effect, were part of Ron Paul's speech at the 'We Are The Future Rally' that didn't make it into the final cut of the video posted here, mainly because that part of his message should be so familiar to us by now that we didn't think it needed to be highlighted. But perhaps it bears repeating even among our crowd that most problems are best solved privately, not through government.

There will always be a problem of some discourtesy in the world, but it is best handled through social norms. We in the Liberty Movement shouldn't want the government to be mandating courtesy nor controlling access to public space.

A city park may be as close to a state of nature that many people will get to experience these days. It may be a mistake to believe that man, in a state of nature, is more disposed to cruelty than courtesy. I have John Locke's, The Founder's, and Ron Paul's faith and will trust liberty.