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I can certainly appreciate

I can certainly appreciate that RP's position is comparatively the least arbitrary and most sensible. But I'm a bit surprised that you would find the religious nature of the question mystifying.

"Honestly, how abortion has become a religious issue is beyond me. Sure, Christians believe that life is sacred and must be protected, but ask them that when the almighty State of Israel comes calling."

What I find far more mystifying is the way Christians will fall all over themselves in defending, and knee-jerk supporting, the modern Jewish state no matter its behavior or importance to our own interests. I have been in Christian circles long enough to understand where this sort of thing comes from. It is simply a misdirected trust from a Christian theological perspective. So in that sense, the abortion question having religious dimensions is far more comprehensible than is a misdirected belief that modern day Israel is the equivalent of biblical Israel - and then subsequently treating it like some type of spiritual "lucky" rabbit's foot.