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Please then enlighten me...

When growing up who has influence to teach or repress? It certainly isn't the dog catcher, in the instance of the Catholic priests I would dare assume many grew up in the church and schools where brutal nuns shunned their sexuality. Perhaps a good beating at Catholic school when a person was found touching themselves as is the norm, or could it be that perhaps a family member repressed the sexuality of a developing youth and caused mental issues when the youth reached adulthood? Bottom line you get your panties in a knot at the mention that the church (the very place sexuality is repressed and has influence on youth specifically about sex) might have played a role. I will agree that there might be other factors, but I am talking about your every day American kid. When I grew up there were two great influences in my life, my family and my church, it is no more simple or complicated than that, but it appears you want to covet the Church which is fine, I will continue to deal in reality not protecting an obvious entity simply because I feel the need. I still stand by my previous post and openly state that most children are influenced by their church and family when growing up, unless they are not involved in the church, but this premise is based on the average American kid. So this scenario is not a one size fits all, it is just interesting that you cannot acknowledge that the church (such as the Catholic church) has shown that it can and will use its influence not only to suppress sexuality, but to take advantage of the weakest among us, is it so hard to admit a fact?

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