Comment: There are two main influences on the market

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There are two main influences on the market

The known part and the unknown part.

The known part can possibly be predicted, but it requires detailed holistic analysis. Still, fools are happy with a couple charts that back up their gut feelings and/or agenda. So holistic analysis is never done.

But even if one did holistic analysis, it wouldn't matter because the unknown part is what throws a monkey wrench in the analysis. If there's a natural disaster, if another war or peace breaks out, if the powers that be flat out choose it, etc...the market can go up or down.

The market is just as manipulated as the Republican party.

The market is the ultimate gambling casino, and the house always wins. But people always want a shortcut to success. So they'll be drawn to gamblimg: lotto for poor people, sports betting for lower-middle class, stock market for middle-class people. The upper-class set up the gambling markets, are debt-free, set up financial services to loan the lower classes money, etc.

There is nothing really special about the upper class except that they understand the big picture and that they are willing to exploit other people ignorance of the big picture.