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Comment: None Of The Above?

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None Of The Above?

Back in July, I advocated voting for "None of the Above" or "None" as one of the alternatives to the two-party wrestling matches every two to four years - and I can still feel the bruises from the stoning I got from Ron Paul supporters.

Since that posting in July, the Nevada State GOP, with the help of state Democrats, have LEGALLY removed the word "None" from its ballots as a voter's choice/right.

It's easy to understand why Dr. Paul did not announce a third-party run on the Tonight Show - the two-party system does not want a train wreck with so many candidates, or, at the least, a STRONG third-party candidate on the ballots. So I put the question to all of you - now what is the REAL alternative to voting for two-party candidates in federal elections? Is voting REALLY the answer?

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