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My personal view

I believe lars has a valid point to make. in fact I think it could be expressed in even stronger terms in some cases.
So, what specifically is he referring to?
When you look at some of the posts here, we see remarks such as:

"Lars wants to create a new reality where RP does run LP"
"Lars' vision of the reality he wants to create"
"Lars is referring to people's opposition to wasting time trying to draft RP to run on the LP ticket"

So, it looks like someone has decided specifically what Lars is directing his comments towards. even though he has not mentioned anything about the subject.
So lets 'assume' that this persons 'insight' is correct, and explore some specifics.
The effort by a number of determined individuals, in the interest of promoting the RP Intellectual Revolution and cause of Liberty, have seized upon, in the absence of any other strategies, other than long term prospects, the concept of bringing together the RP grass-roots movement and the GJ Liberty campaign. To make a concerted attempt to resolve any differences, form an alliance between the two movements, and get RP on the Liberty ticket in all 50 states, as a candidate, VP or whatever can be achieved.

Why?.. because of the similarities in the party platform; because it will mean continuing the fight against the two party monopoly; because a greater majority of Liberty party campaigners are RP supporters; because it will attract more votes and support; because it will scare the hell out of the RNC/Dem, both of which are shedding honest voters at an un-precedented rate; and because this avenue has been raised by many other RP'ers.

A creditable would think so, but then this hand-full of people seem to think not. To the extent of expressing their dis-pleasure in numerous crude and totally unnecessary ways, such as personal attacks on the very people involved in the strategy.
"Blatant fabrication" "totally delusional" "lying" "it will never happen" "RP will never do it" to mention but a few comments.

Maybe these people have a crystal ball that provides all the answers, maybe they have this line of communication with the TPTB that we mere RP'ers don't possess, who knows. Then there's the psycoanalysing of RP himself, where we are told precisely how he thinks and what he will do, I only wish we all had that ability, I'd be a much wiser man than I am now..wouldn't we all.

I would expect the best approach to know if this would be something RP would consider, would be to do your homework, and then simply ask him.
I personally don't rule out a 3rd party run based on his previous statements as an indicator, after all, he has said he never deals in absolutes. He also made the statement when asked if he would drop out of the campaign, "I will stay in as long as my supporters want me to".
Also as recently as the Leno show last night " no, not much" doesn't sound like any complete rejection.

So lets see, after some 16,465 (delusional?) people have signed a petition asking RP to consider this proposition, and many good people have done so much hard work to make this something of a possibility, do I personally consider it a waste of time and am I delusional if I don' certainly preferable to sitting around downing other peoples tactical suggestions on DP.
Does Lars think it's delusional?..I doubt it.
But then again, just maybe Lars was refering to something completely different...

Ron Paul 2012.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.