Comment: I think this is a fools errand

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I think this is a fools errand

based upon a sense of morality you fail realize those in power to not possess. Once the illusion of election is gone- they will have no need to maintain the illusion.
Hell- very few people vote now - doesn't seem to bother them does it?
No - they do not want your votes out their.

Listen to the speech in my best Obama voice:
"Hell, not even half the people vote, so what do these elections represent. Are you better off with the bi-partisan bickering, the stale mate in Washington keeping you out of work, keeping you from your healthcare, from your education. What we need is a time to take control and point this country in a new direction, one where the rich pay their fair share and we do not bask in our success when there are those who are hungry."
Etc. etc.

No - a 70 percent turnout with 20% saying eff you to the two parties means they have to worry about 20%. A 40% turnout means most are beaten down and don't care and the time is ripe to strip you of your last bit of liberty and freedom in the name of social change and justice.