Comment: i think the point is about whether it's worth it

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i think the point is about whether it's worth it

to pour MASSIVE resources into him and grassroot energy, as opposed to saving it for other uses, be it not a centrally run campaign but one on an individual level, or to simply conserve until someone who truly arouses enthusiasm comes along.. since gj is not a big offender to some of paul's central beliefs (except i'm not sure about right to life issue), whatever paul feels without telling others, i won't be surprised. the question has never been whether gj is better than the other 2. casting a vote is easy and either way he's not gonna win. the question ALWAYS has been whether he's worth it as the face of the franchise to ride as a vehicle to spread the message by pouring everyone's hard earned time and money into him. what many people had been saying is no he is not the best choice available, nor is he particularly informed compared to many other grassroots leaders' average standard in the paul movement. you don't even have to use a high standard like tom woods.

again LISTEN carefully and sink your mind to what i'm saying--it's about degree of worthiness and enthusiasm that follows.. it's not a simple yes or no. you're asking for massive devotion from people if you want them to cover the country just as hard as they did for paul--many people just don't feel enthused, but they won't give a plain "No" to GJ either, because AGAIN, it's not a yes or no question but DEGREE of over-achievement. please get it through your head once and for all and stop measuring in terms of yes v no