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I agree.

Gary Johnson is not Ron Paul. So let's look at the options. Obama a true socialist, nanny state, war mongering liberal. Romney a back stabbing lying cheating socialist, big business, war mongering, flip flopper. Johnson liberal in his own views, willing to learn and is talking our talk, for states rights, against government control over our lives. Goode, a Santorum conservative, war monger, pro government intervention into our lives. Write- in Ron Paul. the best man to run for the office since ????
Well - Obama gets and no way, Romney gets a no way, Goode in my book no way. That leaves Johnson and writing in Ron Paul. Johnson can make a difference in the outcome and voice our views. Ron Paul will continue to do as Ron Paul does. In my view a write-in though honorable will not help us out. Again a vote and backing Johnson might help the movement in showing our numbers and getting and keeping our concerns in the light. I seen a post today where it is already hitting the news. Where the youth vote is showing up 10% for Johnson. This has to turn the establishments heads. Our getting behind Johnson could send shock waves.
Thank You. Now down vote this or up vote it. :)

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"