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Comment: Some of Us Are Young

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Some of Us Are Young

We oldsters have been through this before. We know this is a marathon with decades of planning required. We see this campaign as a win.

Many of those wanting him to run in an alternative party are making the mistake of thinking that one man can change the country, when in fact his election would simply signal that things were so bad that the voters were willing to take a chance on him. The president does little more than sign or veto bills. I'd love to have him in there vetoing bills, but GJ can do that, too. All it takes is not having been bought.

As for expressing ideas and teaching the public, Ron Paul's role in that is ongoing and we're part of it.

Pinning all our hopes on one man as president is what got us into this mess in the first place. We need to overhaul Congress and City Hall.

What do you think?