Comment: Presidents are front men

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Presidents are front men

Our presidents are front men for the same 10 fat cats, so the debate of lessor evil is mute.

It becomes an issue of WHO is on board their parties.

In the Obamanation camp we have Hillary who controls the central committees working to dismantle the constitution and give us, and the world, global corporate control in a NWO of, by, and for global corporations.

In the Robme camp we have few Neocons fighting to dislodge the Ron Paul Republicans, Tea Partiers and Palin Earthquakers who are working together to hold Robme to his loyalty oath to the constitution, and Bill of Rights.

The 10 fat cats and their corporate rats, which control MSM, want Obamanation to have another 4 years to achieve this goal. Robme's job is to dismantle the GOP, bankrupt it, and render it a third party giving Obamanation the power of the Republic of Communist China's Communist Party, where we will be yoked.

Both fronts are evil, so no one can vote FOR either front man if they truley want liberty and freedom, but a voter can vote FOR the people manning the committees and offices under the front man, either FOR a Global Corporate Government, or for those who are fighting within the GOP to Restore America.

I'm NOT voting FOR Robme, however, I AM voting GOP FOR the Ron Paul Republicans, Tea Partiers, Palin Earthquakers who need the opportunity to restore America to constitutional government.