Comment: For the skeptic

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For the skeptic

Watch this 2.5 min video entitled, "This is an Orange".

Then, ask yourself these questions: "WHY?"

WHY didn't you ever hear about wtc-7? WHY was it not all over the news? WHY did this super-steel framed building just decide to fall down? And lastly, "HOW," HOW is it even possible that after all of these years that people "still don't know about this?"

Do you not YET understand that the lying, sick, twisted med-ia controls your minds? Most people only believe what they see on the news. Well the news did very VERY little reporting on this, so in most peoples minds, "it doesn't exist".;_ylt=A0S00MxUe0dQGE...

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

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