Comment: Six personas mentioned. Ummm What was that message???

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Six personas mentioned. Ummm What was that message???

However, Doug, Israel A, and Ron Paul are friends and individuals.

Does it do an injustice to a man to create a persona for them with labels and by associations and sly innuendos or aspersions?

Ronald McDonald is a persona. So is Krusty the Klown. Bogart, Newman and Depp are masters of creating compelling personas for dramatic purposes.

Clemens (Million Pound Banknote), London (To the man on the trail), and Steinbeck (The Moon is Down) were literary masters of the craft.

The MSM is a persona factory. They often use the raw material of real individuals to back these political currencies, the persona they create out of thin air.

It seems clear to me after reviewing Dr. Paul's political career that the message of liberty was the ends to the means of political action.

For others on the campaign, the message was the means to a political end of nomination. Some simply understand how a political purpose can be motivational.

I am afraid the only way to banish naivete is to be omniscient. As it is, I don't even know what I don't know.

But I do know that autonomy leaves me free to discern for tomorrow what I missed today.

In November, we will be voting for Bradley Manning's current jailer or his new jailer.

Free includes debt-free!