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I am not so sure the RNC

even cares. At least at the 'top'. As long as the RINO-CINO neocons have their wars, govt expansion, the loss of freedom for We The People & the US free market financial system continues to be suppressed, & collapsed, Cloward & Piven style, I do not think they care what we do. They & their Dem 'progressive' brethren, at this time, still call all the shots that matter.

Look what they did to Ron Paul. And how the TEA party has been marginalized & to some extent co-opted. That many new TEA Congressmen voted to raise the debt ceiling in my mind is very troubling

If the RNC is decimated, so what? They have their Dem counterparts to keep up the work of destroying the USA & then rebooting US in some kind of total govt control, centrally planned all powerful government. Then we will be betrayed into the NWO's one world government as a vassal state.

IMO the RNC 'leadership' is very happy. Maybe even over confident. I think they won't learn any 'lessons' till they stand before Elohim Himself in judgment.

If we cannot get rid of the 'problem children' who run the monster it will be very difficult to change the RNC & the R 'party'. As long as there are RINO-CINO warmongers & control freaks running the R thing, I doubt much will change.

How able would even a 3rd party be at keeping free from being co-opted & taken over the same way the R 'party' & much of the TEA movement has been?

I think we are in a much tougher spot than we truly realize. May Nature's God have mercy on this country!



RON Paul 4 Prez! Great while it lasted. Who's our next man/woman?
Look up Jury Nullification