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I am the GOP. I am elected to my seat and I serve two years like hundreds of Ron Paul RepubliCANs. Right now I get personal emails, not robot emails, personal emails to me from Republican office holders, Board of Supervisors, City officials.. when I write a letter to the editor, It now gets published because I represent thousands of voting Republicans.

You message is for me, and people like me, who are GOP ELECTED.

You are NOT teaching me a lesson. YOU are abandoning me and those like me because 10 fat cats stole the nomintion. WE ALL KNOW THAT.


And those who oppose me. LOVE YOUR MESSAGE, those on my committee tell me, WE TOLD YOU SO. Your Ron Paul is a Flash in the pan. No one we need to hear from, MARIJUANA LOSERS who can't think out of a box. And they are LAUGHing that I, and all of us, would work so hard to be defeated by our own, who refuse to stand with us, but think voting for a REPUBLICAN who is leading another PARTY, is sending me/us a message.

I get YOUR message. You're NOT with me, the 10 fat cats can have the GOP and dump Ron Paul ELECTED Republicans in FEMA camps as far as you're concerned, you don't have our backs.

I would LOVE to have Ron Paul Republicans come to my meeting and tell these rats how they hurt US, instead of running to another party to teach me a lesson.

Their message to you is, GET LOST, and you are.