Comment: You have it backwards. They want you to vote

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You have it backwards. They want you to vote

Let me turn your question around on you: You think that by voting things will eventually come around? We've been trying to change things through the electoral process for decades and have made no headway -- because the electoral process has been rigged to allow no one but establishment puppets to get elected. There's even been discussion by politicians to make voting MANDATORY. That's how much they want you to vote. They just won't allow anyone worth voting for to have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. Why would any intelligent person participate in a system that they know is rigged? We know our votes get flipped in the diebold machines. So a vote for any third party candidate is literally a vote for Obama or Romney. Nothing scares them more than an extremely low voter turnout in a presidential election year. It really does expose them as illegitimate and embarasses the hell out of them. The whole world notices and talks about it. It would help us to draw attention to the fact that we have a rigged system and something has to be done about it.