Comment: This is Stewart Rhodes. So,

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This is Stewart Rhodes. So,

This is Stewart Rhodes. So, upon what do you base your contention that my org "might be psy-ops or DHS behind it?" Anything at all? Do you have a secret-squirrel"inside source" in DHS that says so, or is this just you spouting off with nothing to back up your claims? As someone else here said, makes as much sense for us to say we should watch out for YOU. You might be a psy-ops or have DHS behind you. Maybe you are here to undermine my mission by getting Ron Paul supporters to not help me reach out to the troops. Doesn't feel good to have people call your integrity into question, based on pure conjecture, does it?

If you are going to impugn the honor of other men, have the personal integrity, and the personal, physical courage to do it face-to-face. I speak all over the country, and no doubt you can attend one of my public appearances and look me in the eye and say it to my face. I invite you to do so.

Now, as to the idea that "hey, it just has to be a fly-paper operation, because what better way is there for the powers that be to find out who will disobey them" here is my response:

As someone else already alluded to, we see what we are doing as being like an iceberg. There is the very necessary, visible tip of current serving who openly join Oath Keepers. That visible tip let's the bad people in power know we are not fooling around, and that there are Oath Keepers in the ranks. But then there is the vast, unseen, unquantifiable mass under the surface who DO NOT join, but who hear our message and take their oaths seriously. They are hard to locate, and hard to purge out of the ranks, and most importantly, the powers that be cannot measure with any accuracy, how big that mass is. It cannot be easily quantified, and thus they cannot accurately account for it, or war-game for it. They have a hard time planning around it, because they don't know how big it is, or where they are. THAT IS HOW I LIKE IT. That's the whole point.

My goal is not to get all of the current serving who are awake and aware to join Oath Keepers. My goal is to wake all of the current serving up, and get them to study the Constitution and draw some serious lines in the sand, in advance. I don't want them all to join. That would make it too easy to purge them.

Those who want to join, and take an overt leadership position, are welcome to. Everyone else, just keep their dang oath when the chips are down, and I will be pleased as punch.

Stewart Rhodes

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