Comment: Do we have 5 or 6 parties now?

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Do we have 5 or 6 parties now?

Unfortunately, like governments, 3rd, 4th parties also eventually become corrupt. I've read that the LP was bought by a neocon. How can someone 'buy' a party? Evil people hell bent on power will always win if not held in check. That's our job. Because we as a population didn't do our job, the result is what we have. Most of us had no idea of the mess we are in or paid much attention to politics until Ron Paul. We believed without proof, what a candidate said.

You can't just keep making new parties and preserve the system. At some point you have to clean up the mess in one or more. Probably easier to clean one up than to start another since the two most powerful write the rules. Don't you think that's why Ron chose the GOP instead of the one most would probably prefer, the LP which would be much easier.

We are in a 'Mell of a Hess'. If we are successful in the clean up, will have to teach our children and they, their children, to be vigilant to maintain it. Ron Paul deserves The Nobel Peace prize [if it had any meaning now] and to be in school history books. I hope free people everywhere use his life in politics as an example to their children.
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