Comment: If we always fall in line

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If we always fall in line

If we always fall in line with their 2 party system, it will never end. We MUST take our vote and make a point!!!! If we all voted for a third party, preferably the same one, it would show the Media and America that our votes do matter.
After what the GOP pulled at the convention, we have the power to make them pay for their corrupt misconduct. We have the power to keep them from ever winning another election. Who wants a candidate that commits fraud among everything else they have done to have the power of POTUS? Isn't that what we have now? What difference does the R or D mean if they are both corrupt?
Please think about it, really think. We finally have the power to say "If you mess with us, you will never win again" and that is what it is going to take for them to stop this corrupt system.
Please do it for your children's sake. We don't want them to say that their parents were too scared to stand up to this machine. Our time to make a difference is NOW! Don't let it slip away.