Comment: Here we go again.Porn is not

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Here we go again.Porn is not

Here we go again.

Porn is not why your liberty is vanishing. Psycotic control-freak bankster elites using the Tyranny of the Majority to strip property rights and dismantle the Constitution one line at a time is why you are loosing your Liberty. Because the ideas of Collectivism are spreading like a virus because most people are dumb animals who are too lazy to learn history and politics, and thus send their children off to indoctrination centers where they will be embedded with Collectivism, both earthly and celestial from the earliest days of their congnative development. Collectivism will become instinct for them, and their natural way of organizing.

The sort of people who think "Porn" is destroying liberty are so busy trying to force their insipid superstitions and backwards ethics on others that they aren't paying attention to the triple X backdoor action which they are themselves recieving from the elites. They are too worried about who is getting married, and what they like to spank their monkeys too. Keep your eye on the target people.

What could be more in line with Liberty than porn? Its people using their bodies how they want, and making money off of it. Its consentual activity at every level. The people doing it "choose" to do it in exchange for pleasure and/or compensation. The people watching it, "choose" to watch because they want to. In a free society, you are free to do anything you want to yourself and other consenting adults, even if its what "some" consider to be "bad."

Those of you who somehow think porn is responsable for some kind of social breakdown are insane. Infact I daresay every time some puritanical lunitic politician begins to flirt with the idea of banning porn((usually right before being caught in a sleezy motel with a couple ladyboys)), he brings out the closet Libertarian in every man or woman who enjoys spanking the monkey to the latest installment of "Oiled up Juggs." What a great way to contrast to the average American why the 4th amendment makes sense. And you want to see a large % of the population? Ill bet people who watch porn is the biggest demographic in the US, with those who deny it bringing up a close second.

Larry Flint did more for Liberty than the Church ever did.