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Comment: The man has spent his life as a vandal.

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The man has spent his life as a vandal.

Prison time should be a natural consequence when you make a lifestyle out of violating property rights and calling it art. Funny that he didn't actually run into trouble until he offended the State though.

From the article:
"Fairey had already been busily leveraging his obey-sticker notoriety into lines of clothing and collectibles (as well as continuing to vandalize property) when he struck it rich with the Obama poster. The Associated Press sued him for appropriating its Obama photograph without permission. So unwilling was Fairey to share any of his wealth with the AP that he knowingly perjured himself in court and submitted false images to cover up his use of the photo. He finally settled for an undisclosed sum in January 2011, stating primly, “I respect the work of photographers”—but only, it seems, when a lawsuit forces him to."