Comment: I don't see Ron Paul as an Island

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I don't see Ron Paul as an Island

I see hundreds of elected Ron Paul Republicans like myself who are being hung up to dry in the name of Ron Paul by the same people who hoped he would FAIL in the GOP so they could FORCE him, and us, to do it their way. And they only thing they have for their way is their fear and loathing of the MSM propeganda and boasting of the 10 fat cats.

We are the minority and this GJ push is hurting US, not the fat cats. GJ who is a red herring for those whose consciencness has nothing to do with fighting, but running away, in high hopes there will be a third party or indy run eventually.

Too many have no idea of the work Nader and political activists did, we KNOW there will not be a Indy president because the NWO global corporations corporations have a plan, and those who run away to GJ are doing EXACTLY as they wanted, leaving Ron Paul's elected Republicans like sitting ducks.

Yes we infiltraited, that's exactly how they see it, TROLLS that must be eliminated.

Of course GJ will return to the GOP when he's done being a pawn to mislead Ron Paul Non-Republicans and Republicans alike to never- never land.

A vote for the GOP is to empower the Ron Paul Republicans to enable them to FIGHT BACK armed with the constitution.

We know what we're up against, and truley it's a shame so many say they applaud us, but whan it comes to helping, forget it.

I understand. It's not like I didn't know what I was up againt, I overestimated the sincerity and willingness to FIGHT for Restoring constitutional government.