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Don't get too distracted by what internet strangers think

of your posts. If you think you still have something to contribute, keep pointing out your take on reality anyway. According to most estimates, 90% of people reading a post are lurkers, and not all of them are going to shut off their brain just because a comment has a red number in the upper left corner.

Re: willful ignorance, I think one of the many consequences of the internet age is that we are all willfully ignorant about a bunch of things by necessity. The rest of the world is pumping out knowledge way faster than any of us can take it up. We have to pick and choose which things we learn about now, and which things we ignore. Informational priorities will surely differ from person to person.

I get neurotic when people prioritize information seeking, and the kinds of information to be sought, differently than I do, but it sometimes helps to realize that's all that's going on.

Addendum: I downvoted myself to put my money where my mouth is. Kind of liberating.